Brennen McKenzie

The SkeptVet

Dr. Brennen McKenzie works in small animal private practice in California and is the Director of Veterinary Medicine at Loyal, a San Francisco-based biotechnology company researching aging in dogs. He completed his veterinary degree at the University of Pennsylvania and also has master’s degrees in animal behavior and epidemiology. 

He is Past-President of the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association and founder of the SkeptVet (, a blog and social media advocacy platform for science-based pet health. He writes a monthly column for Veterinary Practice News magazine, and in 2019 published Placebos for Pets? The Truth about Alternative Medicine in Animals.


23 de Outubro Med Vet Baseada na Evidência

Generating Evidence in Private Practice

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Production of the scientific evidence underlying veterinary practice has traditionally been limited to veterinarians in universities and the animal health industry. The limited capacity for research in these institutions limits the quantity of evidence available. Academics frequently choose research topics that are not directly relevant to the needs of vets and patients in general practice. Research done in populations at university hospitals may also not always be applicable to the general pet population.

Involving private practice veterinarians in producing scientific evidence can improve the quantity and relevance of the evidence available. Research activities also benefit the practitioner, promoting personal and professional development, improving client confidence in the expertise of practitioners, and potentially generating additional revenue. Realizing these benefits requires overcoming the barriers to evidence production in practice, including limited time, knowledge, and resources. This presentation discusses these benefits and barriers and highlights ways practitioners can become involved in evidence generation.