Bernardo Mateiro Gomes

Médico Especialista em Saúde Pública
  • Medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto University (2009). 
  • Post-graduation in Occupational Medicine (Faculty of Medicine of Coimbra University 2011)
  • Post-graduation in Travel Medicine (Faculty of Medicine of Porto University 2013)
  • Public Health PhD at Public Health Institute of Porto – Prison Tuberculosis Control (ongoing)
  • Additional courses, including: Introduction to mathematical models of the Epidemiology and Control Of Infectious Diseases (Imperial College 2013), Clinical Scholars Research Training (Harvard Medical School 2020-2022)


  • Medical public health specialist with expertise in field epidemiology and public health surveillance. 
  • Ten years of work history at national, regional, local governmental, non-governmental organizations in Portugal.
  • Part of a advisory group to the Portuguese Government in Covid-19 pandemic management (




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