We are pleased to announce for the 16th consecutive time the celebration of the Montenegro Veterinary Congress.


This meeting, which will take place at Europarque, in Santa Maria da Feira, on the 21st and 22nd of February 2020, will be dedicated to the theme “Innovation & Development”.


In this 16th edition, we have chosen a broader theme that will allow us to address what’s new and innovative in the veterinary medicine sector.
But the good news don’t stop here, we are changing the naming of the event, being updated to the Montenegro International Veterinary Congress, in order to reinforce its magnitude and, consequently, expand its attractiveness to sponsors, speakers and congressmen.


It is our goal to share the latest updates in veterinary medicine in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, open to the participation of all members of the sector.


Regarding the scientific program, which will be closed soon, we will have a renowned panel of speakers, such as: Massimo Petazzoni, Roberto Bussadori, Alexis Santana, Diego Casas, Jorge Leite, Rodolfo Leal, Ana Rita Serras, Cristobal Frias, Paulo Borges, among others.


This year, we will also have upgrades regarding the rooms, as 4 rooms will operate simultaneously:


1. Main Room, as usual, dedicated to veterinarians and students of veterinary medicine. With simultaneous translation to English and Spanish.
2. Nursing room, as usual, dedicated to veterinary nurses, veterinary nursing students and veterinary assistants.
3. Advanced Room, dedicated to lectures with more specific and interactive topics.
4. One Health Room, one of the biggest innovations of this edition. An idea realised between Prof. Dr. Patrícia Poeta and Dr. Paulo Teixeira, dedicated to public health and animal production.


And because everyone’s feedback is welcome and taken into account, we found it was unanimous the positive opinion about the improvements in the main show pavilion during the previous edition. Thus, we will keep the same floor plan, but, on the stage area, we will create a lounge area to allow the interaction between congressmen and sponsors.


Alongside with this, we are preparing several moments of relax, which will not interfere with the formative component, nor with the trade fair.


The tribute to Prof. Miguel Faria, who has always been an active member of the organization of this congress, will remain. Therefore, we guarantee this year again the the Prof. Miguel Faria award for the best free communication.


The winning presentation will be announced on the pavilion stage and the prize awarded to the winner. Scientific communications have been of an extremely high quality and are undoubtedly a pride for the whole class. In this sense, we will continue to reward the best scientific papers that reflect the high level of research in veterinary medicine carried out in Portugal. Therefore, we will hold the Scientific Poster Contest for Veterinarians and Veterinary Medicine Students, with a prize money of the same value as last edition. But we do not stop here, in order to value the Veterinary Nursing, we created the Scientific Poster Contest for Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Nursing students, whose monetary prize will be of same value.


Regarding the social component of the Congress, it will culminate in the Official Congress Dinner, in a place to be defined.


Invitations to the event will be mostly held by the sponsors, but a date for start sending invitations will be set to avoid conflicts of interest.


We remind you that the Montenegro International Veterinary Congress has the largest representation of professionals in the veterinary medicine field at the Iberian level. In the last edition, we gathered around 1300 veterinarians, 300 veterinary students and 500 nurses and veterinary nursing students, 300 of them were Spanish congressmen.


This year we would like to be able to raise the bar for veterinary congresses even further by focusing on the premise of Innovation & Development. It will be an excellent opportunity to introduce in the market innovative tools that our class is so proud of.


For this to happen, we count with the commitment and support of all, crucial to the continued success of this event.

  • EuroparqueSanta Maria da Feira
  • 20th to 22nd of February 20202020
  • 2500 PlacesRegister
  • 30 SpeakersThe best professionals
  • 71 SponsorsThe best support


XVI Congresso Internacional Veterinário Montenegro!